5 Food Prep Ideas for #60DaysNoSugar

by Jennifer Boudreau on January 6, 2015

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5 food prep ideas for #60daysnosugarSo, days 1 and 2 were mostly a success. Don’t get me wrong, we’re dealing with some reality over here…. such as, our daughter throwing a fit because she couldn’t eat her gluten free bread or cereal. Or a couple kids complaining that they had veggies on their plate AGAIN. This was to be expected. There is a silver lining though; the boys love the Ezekeil bread! I do think part of why the days have gone somewhat smoothly is because we had plenty of food that was already prepped and ready to go.

Here are 5 food prep ideas for #60DaysNoSugar:

  1. Cut up all fruit that can be cut. Honeydew, cantaloupe, mangoes, etc. I also have grapes washed and ready to go. Do not wash fresh berries ahead of time though. Strawberries and raspberries get mushy when you wash them in advance. Blueberries may be ok to wash ahead of time, but we don’t. Having fruit easily accessible is HUGE because this is what you and the family can reach for if you want a little something sweet.
  2. Cut up all veggies. I eat a lot of raw peppers, so I make sure they are already cut and washed. Don’t forget about the veggies you plan to cook either. As an example, I have yellow squash cut up and ready to throw in the pan when it’s time to cook it. We eat frozen broccoli, which means I don’t have to cut that up (yay!)! Go frozen if you need to save time.
  3. Have some all-ready-cooked food on hand. As an example, my husband always runs home for lunch. He likes to eat a warm meal that consists of a meat, potatoes and veggies. We try and have all of these foods already cooked and in the fridge, so all he has to do is throw them in a pan and warm it up. You can make any variety. Just have a meat of your choice cooked (chicken, lean beef, fish, etc), a starch (potatoes, rice, quinoa…) and a veggie of your choice. . I also keep cooked sweet potatoes on hand. I eat one every day for lunch with sea salt and either coconut oil or almond butter. You’ll have a nice solid, filling and nutritious meal ready to go if you do some cooking in advance! 5 food prep ideas for #60daysnosugar
  4. When you’re removing sugar from your diet, it’s good to have something on hand that will satisfy a little sweet craving! Everyone in our family LOVES Larabars, so we make them from scratch. Here is the recipe. They make a great snack or breakfast food. Just eat a small piece though. These are made with dates and dates are a high glycemic fruit (which is why they’re great for a little sweet craving)! 5 food prep ideas for #60daysnosugar
  5. You know how much our kids love pancakes! These are a staple around here and honestly a LIFE SAVER. My recipe has no added sugar and they’re tasty with peanut butter. You can also mix some apple butter with the peanut butter to add some sweetness. Here is the recipe. Make a big batch (I actually recently made a triple batch) and freeze them. Pop them in the toaster when you are ready to serve. 5 food prep ideas for #60daysnosugar

So, we have a couple days under our belt with plenty more to come! Despite the challenges, I’m excited to see where this takes us…especially the kids!


If you’ve cut back on sugar, what tips do you have?

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