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Jennifer BoudreauMy goal is simple…to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. I am aware of the challenges that face us as we try to accomplish this simple goal. I live those same challenges every day.

I also believe that there comes a time when we have to quit making excuses and just GET IT DONE. There usually is a breaking point when we realize something has to change. I love the quote “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” This concept is so simple, yet so powerful. We must be willing to make adjustments to get us out of the rut that we are in. My mission is to help you when you reach that point and realize it is YOUR time to succeed. I firmly believe you can be a success story if you have the right mind set, tools and support. The good news is that I will personally be with you every step of the way because I am here to serve you.

I have 7 years of direct sales experience in the skin care and health & wellness industries. I am a former personal trainer, fitness manager and group fitness instructor. I am a work-from-home wife and mom with three kids, age four and under. I can relate with many of you who are simply trying to merge a healthy lifestyle with a SUPER busy life. Helping you reach your health and fitness goals is my purpose.

To your health & happiness,


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