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by Jennifer Boudreau on September 9, 2013

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Dylan editedThis evening I was making dinner and gave our 14 month old a bottle of his most favorite thing in the world….milk. I caught myself having a brief moment where I was second guessing myself because he still desperately prefers a bottle over a sippy cup. We all know the “rule”….babies should be off a bottle at 12 months.  Well, the little rascal is so excited to get his bottle he literally makes a purring sound when I give it to him. He doesn’t purr when I give him a sippy cup. As a matter of fact, often times it flat out makes him angry. I know he’ll be switched over soon….so why, even for a brief moment, did I let this concern me? After all, I’m confident he’ll be off a bottle by the time he hits college, so what’s the big deal?

As parents there are a gazillion things to potentially stress over, and the bottle issue reminded me that a lot of women out there are driving themselves crazy over the little things. It literally starts in the delivery room. Do we do an epidural or skip it? Then we move on to nursing and binkies and thumb sucking. My daughter is almost 4 and still sucking her thumb at night. She loves that thing like I love peanut butter….and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE peanut butter. For the last four years her little thumb has put her to sleep and soothed her when she was upset. I could have been a more perfect mother and tried to break her of the habit sooner, but I’m not perfect. She’ll be just fine regardless.

Now, I’m not saying we let our kids run the show. As parents we have to pick our battles wisely, but we also have to be the parent. We are in charge, obligated to teach them right from wrong and must prepare them to function in society. It’s a hefty job and we have to do it to the best of our ability. BUT, if we slightly fall off track and don’t do everything perfect, isn’t it ok? We’re going to do some things right, some things wrong, and some things somewhere in-between….and that’s ok. Our kids realizing we’re not perfect is pretty darn important too. This, my friends, is why parenting humbles us and it goes far beyond the bottle issue. As kids get older there are far bigger issues.

Before we have kids we see ALL the things that parents do and we swear up and down that won’t be us. Pre-kids, most of us did a lot of eye rolling as we watched what we thought were other clueless, incapable parents. Then we realize, once we’re knee high in to the trials and tribulations of parenting, that we are indeed those parents. Your previously immaculate house is now a hot mess….oh well. Your kiddo is still using a binky…who cares? Your four year old is going through a phase of whining and talking back? Just do your best.

The list goes on through every stage of parenthood. We simply have to focus on the things that are important in our home, not someone else’s. As Tony Horton always says, “do your best and forget the rest.” I say this to myself ALL the time, and so should you!

Tell me, what is something you over-analyzed in parenthood?

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