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by Jennifer Boudreau on November 19, 2014

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PinterestI often get asked “what do you guys eat?” We’re pretty simple eaters actually, but far from perfect. I cook, but I don’t really like to, so the easier the better. It’s a labor of love.

But, since you have asked, here is a general idea of our weekly menu.

Keep in mind, I’m not a dietician, but I try to create healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy.



Kids: Pancakes (from scratch and prepared in advance) topped with organic, no-sugar-added peanut butter. We buy the Kirkland brand peanut butter from Costco.

We make the pancakes earlier in the week and freeze them. Just pop them in the toaster and they’re ready to go. This is my pancake recipe, which is gluten and dairy free with no sugar added (yay)!

Our oldest prefers peanut butter and apples, so that’s what he typically eats.

If we can find some fresh, organic raspberries or strawberries, we throw those in the mix.

The kids will usually eat a homemade larabar too.

Me: 3 eggs, red and yellow peppers and maybe a fruit (apple or banana) or larabar.

Hubby: 3 eggs plus a fruit and shake.


Kids: Pretty simple. All 3 kids eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For our daughter, we’ll sometimes use the pancakes for her sandwich since they have protein, fiber, and no sugar (her belly is very sensitive to sugar). To read on how to make your pb&j as healthy as possible, see my previous post here.

I also pack a fruit pack or applesauce, and popcorn.

In lieu of popcorn, we often pack Wild Chips tri-colored quinoa chips from Costco. They really are tasty!

our weekly menu

Sometimes I add 1-2 chocolate covered almonds as their dessert.

Me: Sweet potato with coconut oil and sea salt. This coconut oil is the one I use. I may throw in a homemade larabar too. Depends on how hungry I am. Don’t underestimate how filling a nice, fat sweet potato is though!

I also typically drink my shake for lunch, although sometimes it’s a late morning snack.

To simplify things, make 4-5 sweet potatoes at one time. I bake mine for at least 90 minutes on 350. I also pick the biggest ones I can find. I want that puppy to fill me up until dinner.

Hubby: He takes whatever meat is kicking around in the fridge (usually beef, fish or chicken), veggies (again, whatever is in the fridge-typically green beans, broccoli or mixed veggies), and combines them with cooked, cut up potatoes.

our weekly menu

The potatoes are already cooked in advance. Make a batch of 3-5 potatoes by throwing them in with some olive oil along with salt and pepper. I often times add some onion powder. Cook them on medium-high heat until done.

our weekly menu



We tend to stick to the meat, veggie and starch rule. As an example: mahi-mahi, zucchini and potatoes. Again, the potatoes are prepared in advance and simply warmed up in the skillet.

our weekly menu

Our kids struggle with eating veggies, but if I add some hummus they’re more apt to eat them….although still a struggle. Also, our kids don’t really care for potatoes, so often times we mix their food with rice and salsa.

You can substitute any meat you want; chicken, beef, etc. We eat a lot of both.

There are nights where our kids are served something other than what my husband and I eat, but I try not do that on a regular basis anymore…simply for my sanity. After having our 3rd kiddo I got incredibly frustrated catering to each kids’ personal taste.

For the most part we’ve moved to the “they eat what they’re served” rule, but I’m not totally lame. A couple days a week we let them eat typical kid food; pizza, hot dogs, etc.

We buy Applegate hot dogs that have no nitrates added. SUPER important note! Be sure to store these hot dogs in the freezer once they’re opened. Since they don’t have added nitrates, they do not keep in the fridge for long.

I can’t express how much it will simplify your life if you prep on the weekends, earlier in the week or at a time that works for you. We always have sweet potatoes, organic Russett potatoes, rice, meat and some veggies cooked and ready in the fridge. This makes food prep quick and easy on those busy nights!

As I said, we’re far from perfect, but we do try hard to eat as well as possible!

I’m ALWAYS looking for ideas of what to serve our family. What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?

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