Don’t Be Afraid

by Jennifer Boudreau on January 3, 2014

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2014 GoalsIt’s January 2014, which means it’s a new year. A new year means new beginnings. Yes, we can truly have a new beginning at any given moment, but there is something about January 1st that solidifies a fresh start.

I work at the Y and  it’s packed shoulder to shoulder with New Year’s Resolutioners beaming with excitement. Many will fade quickly, but others will actually stick to it. I’m a huge fan of the New Year’s Resolution for that reason….for those who stick to it the decision will be life changing. It was for me.

Years ago I had a resolution to be less of a people pleaser. I’m this way by nature, but people pleasers tend to consistently put themselves last. I was in my early 20’s and found myself focusing so much on others that I was not taking care of myself. I was constantly available at the drop of a hat for other people and for work. Don’t get me wrong, we need to be there for others and there are seasons in our life where we need to be there at the drop of a hat….but we also have to identify when we’re too available for unnecessary reasons. That is how we get taken advantage of and this is where I was. I made a commitment to myself and I stuck to it. I started to learn to say no. Since I started spending time focusing on improving myself, I started eating better, working out consistently, and stopped yo-yo dieting. Mentally, I was in a better place. These were just a few of the improvements.

This was a change for me….it was flat out uncomfortable and new territory. I was uncomfortable saying no. Actually, I was incredibly uncomfortable saying no, but wouldn’t you know it….I got better at it. This resolution served me well, even fifteen years later.

I don’t know where you find yourself this year, but if you’re like many, you need change. It may be that your lifestyle is leaving you exhausted and you need to go to bed earlier, which means breaking your TV habit. Maybe you need to spend more quality time with your spouse, which means you’ll have to actually slot some time where you’re not focusing 110% on your kids, work or what needs done around the house. Or, like many, maybe you need to spend more time focusing on regaining your health, which means you may have to get up a little bit earlier to work out or to prep healthy meals. Are all of these hard? Yes. Are they worth it? Absolutely!

Whatever your goals are, don’t be afraid. Old habits die hard. Recognize you’re going to be uncomfortable at first and that’s ok. As a matter of fact, pushing through the tough times is part of the growth process that comes with reaching your goal. If there is something consistently tugging at your heart and you know it’s time for change…then do it.

Don’t be afraid to jump on the New Year’s Resolution band wagon. Who knows, you may just be the one who actually sticks to it and has an improved quality of life because of it!

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