My Essential Oils Success Story

by Jennifer Boudreau on January 23, 2014

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Dropper over essential oil bottleIt was Halloween 2012. I was standing next to an x-ray table as I looked at our three month old’s tiny little infant body as he got his first series of chest x-rays. Sure enough, he had pneumonia and it has been a whirl-wind ever since. In the fall of 2013 he had pneumonia again, along with a long list of respiratory issues and breathing treatments, lots and lots of breathing treatments, in-between.

Fortunately, I can now say that Albuteral and Pulmicort are a thing of the past. When my son had pneumonia for the second time, my friend Lisa Morvilius turned me onto essential oils. You see, normally every little cough or sniffle would turn into a trip to the doctor and breathing treatments for him. However, once I started using the essential oils, those coughs or sniffles no longer progressed. At this time last year we had been to the doctor about every two to three weeks, sometimes even more frequently, for a “chest check”. This had gone on for months. Not this year though! Thanks to Lisa my son is much healthier and we have saved a fortune in co-pays!

I’m so thankful for Lisa and the essential oils, I have asked her to write something about how to handle cold and flu season. Below is what she put together for you!

My family uses essential oils for everything, and yes, there is an oil for everything! There is so much I am learning about essential oils. They are analgesic, antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, diuretic, disinfectant and sedative. The best part is they CAN penetrate the cell wall and are therefore effective against bacteria AND viruses! WHO KNEW!!!

So I would love to share what we use to battle colds and flu season….

Flu: Oregano, On Guard**

We also use Frankincense and just recently started taking OnGuard +. OnGuard + is the original On Guard blend PLUS Black Pepper, Melissa and Oregano.

Cough/Congestion: Breathe®**

Other oils we love for congestion are Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Frankincense and Lime.

Earaches: Lavender and Melaleuca

Fevers: Peppermint

Headaches: Peppermint and Frankincense

Runny nose: Lemon and Lavender

Stuffy nose: Breathe® and Lime

Sore Throats: Onguard® and Lemon

Tummy Issues: DigestZen ® and/or Fennel, Ginger

I apply the oils Neat directly to the feet, back of the spine or area of concern.  NEVER put oils directly in ears or eyes.  You can put the oils in an empty capsule and take it as a pill (I only trust using dōTERRA oils internally). You can also put in a roller bottle with carrier oil.

SIDE NOTE: Oregano, Cinnamon, Thyme are” hot oils”. Peppermint and Wintergreen are “cool oils.”  Please use with caution and a carrier oil. Carrier oils are Coconut, Olive, Almond and Grape Seed. Actually, any cooking oil would work.

DISCLAIMER: The information is for informational purposes only. The contents are not intended to provide a professional medical diagnosis, opinion or to recommend any particular course of treatment.

Use your instincts. If it’s time to go to the doctor, go to the doctor!

Visit my website to learn more.

If you would like more information you are more than welcome to contact me via Facebook, Lisa Kocks Morvilius. I would love to help you and your family!

A huge thank you to Lisa for putting this together for us!


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