Homemade Larabars

by Jennifer Boudreau on June 8, 2014

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homemade larabarsStore bought Larabars have been a huge hit in our home for quite some time. Everyday the kids would come downstairs excited to get their morning Larabar.  It made me happy because I knew they were eating a nutritious breakfast packed full of protein, magnesium and fiber without all the chemicals.  

Since we love them so much we decided to start making homemade Larabars!

Homemade Larabars, just like store bought Larabars, are pure and simple without anything extra or unnecessary. A friend of mine kept telling me to make them on my own because they’re so “easy”. I was hesitant because I really didn’t feel like making something else from scratch. Making foods from scratch can be time consuming and I wasn’t really up for adding something else to my To Do List, but then I realized just how insanely easy they are to make. It honestly takes me less than 20 minutes, with the majority of the work being the pitting of the dates .

The flavor I make is Cashew Cookie. I like this flavor because it has a measly two ingredients; dates and cashews. Since I like simple, this is the flavor I choose to make from scratch.

Here is what you need….




2 Cups Madjool Dates, pitted

2 Cups Unsalted Cashews

I buy both the dates and cashews from our local Costco.


Add cashews to food processor and blend until fine. Add dates. Puree until the mixture sticks together. Add a splash of water if necessary, for desired consistency. Place mixture in a 9×9 pan lined with wax paper. Wet your hands and flatten mixture until evenly spread. Refrigerate overnight, then cut in to bars. Makes 25 bars.

homemade Larabars

FYI….be careful. Dates do have a natural laxative effect! Plus, dates are high in natural sugar. Although the sugar in dates is “natural”, you should still eat in moderation. Everyone in our house is limited to one bar per day for those reasons.

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