Are You Bloated? June Weight Loss Bash

by Jennifer Boudreau on May 20, 2013

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Are you ready to lose that muffin top? Tired of feeling jiggly in places you are not supposed to be jiggling? Have you lost your discipline and want to find it again? Well, if you are ready for a change and are willing to ACT, we will be starting a June Weight Loss Bash. If nothing changes, nothing changes. You have a choice: you can step out of your comfort zone and get RESULTS or you can remain where you are and live with frustration. It is up to you and no one else.

I lost 10 pounds in 30 days and I want you to do the same!

Before-After Facebook

You will not have to spend hours each day at the gym or live off of rice cakes and veggies. The plan is simple. Are you ready? If so, then keep reading.

To take part in the challenge you will have to:

  • Commit to using the Isagenix Cleansing & Fat Burning System. You can choose the 9 day or 30 day program.
  • Report in to our Facebook support page. If you are not on Facebook, you will check in directly with me instead.
  • Interact with me personally so I can help guide you. I have been there, done that and I am more than willing to share some wisdom.

As a health and fitness enthusiast, I have strong concerns surrounding the toxicity in our environment, our food and ultimately, our bodies. Removing these toxins from your body not only improves your overall health, but it enhances your ability to lose weight. The reason is simple; the more toxic your body is the more fat it stores to protect your organs. As you remove toxins you will lose water weight, excess fat and will have less chance of rebounding. It is a beautiful thing!

Dieting vs Cleansing

Isagenix accomplishes this through full body nutritional cleansing. Cleanse, Replenish and Revitalize is the founding principle behind the Isagenix cutting-edge products. Many programs strip your body of vital nutrients, resulting in lost muscle mass and low energy levels after cleansing. Our program, on the other hand, replenishes your body with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. As a result, by the end of the program you weigh less, have more muscle mass, feel better and have more energy. I spent months researching programs and even tried a few, but I truly feel that Isagenix is the best!

If you are ready to commit to ridding yourself of bad habits and creating a new and disciplined you, fill out the form below for more information. You will feel better than you have in years!

No worries…you will only receive info regarding the June Weight Loss Bash!

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