Are You A Smart Phone Distracted Mommy?

by Jennifer Boudreau on September 12, 2013

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Pretty arab woman obsessed with her smartphoneI’ll admit…I can be one of them. At times I’m addicted and attached to my phone. I go through phases where I’m motivated to detach from the silly thing, but I slowly fall back in to the trap again….and then repeat the cycle. With three little kiddos still at home I feel guilty over this, so I’ve implemented a few things that are helping me overall. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some work to do…but I’m improving and pretty darn proud of myself.

So, what have I done? There are several things…..

First, I’ve turned off all phone notifications. Unless my phone is physically ringing, it doesn’t make a sound. If I get a Facebook message – silence. If I get a text – nothing. Same goes for e-mails, and so on. I have to physically check my phone.

Second, I’ve majorly limited Facebook scrolling. I will jump on Facebook, but it’s literally for a quick minute. I check my notifications, respond, sometimes do a VERY quick scroll, do some “liking”, then move on. Yes, I now miss a ton of posts, but oh well. I seem to have survived. I’ll check Facebook multiple times a day, but it’s QUICK! On most days I would be surprised if I spend 20 minutes total on all social media sites, and my business is primarily built through social media.

Third, I’ve turned off Facebook e-mail notifications. Those of us on Facebook know if we’re part of a group, we get notified anytime there is a comment made in that group. This was majorly overloading my e-mail, so all notifications have been turned off. Even in the groups I lead, I don’t get notified. I’ve also turned off my meet-up notifications…at least the ones I can. I’m part of some awesome mom groups through meet up, so this was hard. I was afraid I would miss some notifications about great events, but for the sake of me and my family, I had to do it to help decrease my e-mails. With the combination of e-mails I was getting via Facebook, Twitter and meet up, I was literally getting 2-3 pages of e-mails per day. My husband would have to go in and clean out my Inbox….it was crazy. This was far more than I could handle in this season of life. Family first…not e-mail.

Living in the day and age where smart phones are the norm, we have to step back and remember we’re really not that important. I don’t think there has ever been a situation where someone was dying to get in touch with me, yet we’re glued to our phones as if someone is. If someone desperately needs me, they’ll call me, the old fashioned way. Yes, I build my business on line and I have to interact with those who follow my Facebook page, Twitter and blog posts, but it doesn’t mean I have to sell my soul in order to do it…it simply means I have to find a balance.

Yes, it has become expected that we get back to people quickly, but it doesn’t mean we have to. If we keep going at the rate we’re going, we’re going to create a generation of children who could go in one of two directions: despise us for not paying attention to them or they will have no social skills because they’re following in our footsteps. Our generation was raised with social skills, so using technology for us really isn’t a huge social issue . Our kids, on the other hand, are starting their little life out not knowing how to communicate the old school way because they’re glued to a screen. I’m not sure what repercussions this could have in the long run for the next generation. However, I’ve personally seen strong social and people skills smoke intelligence and talent in the business world. This is why we have purposely not purchased any electronics for our kids yet. In time, maybe, but it will be years before we do it.

If you want to read an article that will inspire you to change, check out the article 8 Ways Screens Are Ruining Your Family’s Life by Lori Leibovich. It was published in Huffington Post and is a must read. If you are on Facebook, I also suggest you follow The Hands Free Revolution. She posts GREAT reminders, such as the article I mentioned, and keeps us in check!

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