I Thought I Wouldn’t Cry At The Bus Stop

by Jennifer Boudreau on August 14, 2014

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image (3)Ok, so our son’s first day of school was yesterday and I thought I wouldn’t cry at the bus stop.

I thought I wouldn’t cry because we only talked about how exciting this new season was going to be for him.  We didn’t obsess and tell him all the time how much we would miss him. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we didn’t want him to feel in any way this was going to be a negative experience for him or our family. Our kids going to kindergarten isn’t a negative thing. It’s hard for us mommies, it is. BUT, our job as mommies is to raise kids who are confident and functional. We want kids who are fully capable of moving forward and tackling challenges head on. Our kids grow up and go to school. It’s what they do. Since I’m kind of like a guy and tend to think logically, I assumed for these reasons I wouldn’t cry at the bus stop. Silly me.

I also thought I wouldn’t cry because this kiddo of ours has been fearless about kindergarten. Not once did he show any signs of nervousness. I kept observing to see if he would show any signs of fear. Nothing! The night before school I was waiting for some form of nervousness to randomly appear. Still nothing. To calm nerves his teacher gave all of her students “Jitter Glitter” at the Ice Cream Social, to sprinkle on their heads at bedtime the night before the first day of school. I didn’t even call it Jitter Glitter because he didn’t have the jitters. I just called it “Excitement Glitter”. Isn’t this note the cutest thing EVER? He actually asked me to sprinkle it on his head the night before his second day of school because he’s convinced it makes him sleep better. Silly goose…Love this kid of ours.

image (1)

So, we waited for the bus the first day of school. When we saw the bus coming, we got SO excited, but I was still prepared for some sign of last minute fear. Nope. He just stared and smiled as it drove down the street, approaching to take him to school. Our typically shy little guy confidently jumped on the bus, said “Good Morning” to his bus driver loud and clear, sat down and drove off.

image (2)

As we were walking away I started crying. I’ll admit, I KNEW I would cry if he was scared. I knew that to see him nervous and hesitant while getting on the bus would have made me a mess. But nope, the fact that he wasn’t scared at all is what unexpectedly did me in.

When did he grow up so much? When did he become so non-dependent on mommy? He even wanted to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich and peel his hard-boiled egg for lunch. I’m happy. I’m happy we have a confident son who takes on new seasons of life with joy and excitement. I’m happy he’s at an age where he can pack his own lunch (trust me, this makes me REALLY happy). But yes, this is what also made me cry for just a little bit.

Plus, let’s get real. We’re women and when it comes to our kids we can be emotional train wrecks. We can try and be logical, but most of the time it’s just not in our DNA. God designed us women to temporarily be an illogical mess when it comes to our kids growing up. We don’t have to sulk, but we do have to get it out.

So, if you were a crying mommy watching your kiddo get on the bus while your husband laughed at you, you weren’t alone.

Comment and tell me, did you cry at the bus stop?

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