The True Look of Success

by Jennifer Boudreau on May 13, 2014

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Yesterday was a rough day for me, I’m not gonna lie. I was emotionally drained and yesterday was the day it all came to a head. We have three young kiddos who are an absolute blessing, but it doesn’t change the fact that having kids is hard. Whether you work full time, stay home full time or work part time….having kids is a huge test of your emotions and patience. Add to the equation that life happens; spouses work long hours, kids have epic public temper tantrums and you have a to-do list a mile long. It’s simply life and we have to deal, and yesterday was the day I needed a great reminder.

You’ve probably seen this before…..


In summary, we’re a train wreck in the process. If you’re hitting obstacles, you’re most likely doing something right.

I have my dreams and you probably have yours. Hopes and dreams come in all different shapes and sizes and what you want to accomplish in your lifetime most likely looks very different than the person next to you. What you consider to be success versus what they classify as success is most likely different too. The concept is the same though….

Success comes at a price. The price is work. Whether it’s to get a promotion, get in great shape, fix a broken marriage or fix a financial firestorm, to finally succeed it’s gonna require that you work. In fact, you will most likely have to work hard and there’s a strong chance the process isn’t gonna be pretty.

Yet, this process can be a beautiful thing. It is where you grow, where you get stronger and learn to persevere. It actually makes you better. I needed this reminder yesterday.

Have you ever known someone who was spoiled as a kid? Ouch! I had never noticed the difference between someone who was spoiled versus someone who wasn’t until I worked in corporate America. Thankfully, I was NOT spoiled and had created a great work ethic because of it. I knew how to handle stress because I had to manage a lot of moving parts in high school. Thankfully, my parents didn’t coddle me or my sister and we learned a lot about how to function in the real world while still in high school. Once I started in corporate I remember working in situations where it was obvious someone had been spoiled. They got frazzled and overwhelmed easily. They didn’t troubleshoot well. They shut down more easily and they were difficult to get along with because they lived in an unrealistic bubble. They had a hard time getting to the other side of success because life was always made easy for them….they didn’t know how to PUSH. This is why adults who were spoiled as children are difficult to work with and most likely, even harder to live with.

Living a life without resistance is like having a parent who spoils you; you don’t get that chance to learn to be strong. God didn’t put you or me on this Earth for a freebie. He put us here for a purpose, he put YOU here for a purpose. To find your purpose and to fulfill it, you have to experience the twists and turns that the image above shows.

I hope that this serves as a reminder to stay patient and trust the process. Not just in business, but in life. When things get harder, you just have to keep pushing. You may not always be able to push hard, but keep going. And while you’re working, pray hard. God can’t bless your efforts if you don’t give him something to bless. I know that’s my plan to reach my version of success.

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