My Whole30 Experience

by Jennifer Boudreau on November 6, 2014

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Whole30 DONEIt’s official. I’m done with Whole30. Well, kind of, but I’ll explain that later. It was great and I’m excited to share with you my Whole30 experience.

You can see how I faired the first half of Whole30 by checking out my Halfway Done with Whole30 Post. That post also explains what Whole30 is.

For today though, I’m going to fill you in on how the last half went and on my overall Whole30 experience.

Day 17: I noticed as my husband and I were walking through the grocery store aisles that he kept commenting on how good all the junk food looked. Yeah, he was on day 3 of Whole30 so he was still having the cravings. Me? Not so much. My cravings were gone…thankfully. So as he was commenting on all the junk, I was happy to realize I was beyond that. I will note I was bloated and had no appetite on day 17. Not sure why.

Day 18: I really struggled with my early morning workout. I thought this was random since I’d been feeling so good. The good news was I noticed my pants were looser.

Day 20: I accidentally ate a Larabar that had added sugar! According to the Whole30 rules I’m supposed to start over after a slip up like that. Ummmm…hell no. I was pushing on.

Day 21: I was at my parents’ house where there is always an abundance of temptation. I wanted to cheat and I wanted to cheat bad. I wanted a Kit Kat something fierce. I was good though. This was the first time I’d had cravings in a while, but then again, I was literally surrounded by what seemed like a candy store.

Day 24: I’ve been doing really good. Even though I was surround by junk food a lot recently, I’ve really held my own. Super proud of myself.

Day 27: Home stretch. My husband and I were presented with the rare opportunity for a date night. And you know what? I went ahead and had my cheat meal. Why, you ask? Especially when I was SO close to being done? Because I decided I don’t want this to be a 30 day thing for me. I want it to become how I eat for good.

Here’s the deal. Leading up to day 27, I was becoming acutely aware of how eating this well had changed the way I feel.

As an example, after eating my cheat meal (which was a grilled cheese), my stomach hurt. I couldn’t even touch my French fries

We went to a movie after dinner (by the way, Gone Girl is awesome…). I love, and I mean love, movie theatre popcorn. I’m the girl that asks for extra butter. After eating all the cheese from the cheese toasty, I couldn’t even stomach the thought of popcorn. I’m pretty sure my husband about fell over in shock. My stomach was literally in pain.

The next day I had a baby shower and I ate some treats, but the day after the shower I got right back on track and am still doing so today. This is how I want to eat. REAL food.

I do want to note I’ve made a few exceptions going forward.

As an example, I’m adding unsweetened almond milk and stevia to my coffee. I made the connection that black coffee gives me massive heartburn….like I’m 9 months pregnant heart burn.

I’m also drinking a daily shake. Whole30 is not a fan of shakes, but I love mine and am not letting it go.

Finally, I will always, and I mean always, have to sample my non Paleo/non Whole30 recipes. We do a lot of cooking and baking for my blog, and it would be crazy for me to not try our own creations. Just a sample though….

I will also have a weekly cheat meal, which I plan to enjoy some pizza with my daughter on our date night this weekend. It will most likely lead to a belly ache, but I’m sure it will taste good going down!

Finally, my migraines seem to be improving, which was the whole reason I started Whole30. And yes, since I know you’re going to ask, I lost at least 7 pounds.

In summary, my Whole30 experience was a positive one. I can honestly say I’m eating to fuel my body. I’m eating not to just feel good, but to feel optimal. I’ve come to realize that eating for taste leads to feeling less than optimal. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just feel good. I want to feel and operate at an optimal level, and Whole30 delivered.

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